Link to Web Pages

Linking to a page that is within Web Press has a different process than linking to a website outside of Web Press. By using a "reference" connection, you are ensuring that the link will always go to the Web Press page even if the URL of the page changes. Follow the steps below to reference a Web Page.

  1. Navigate to the page that contains the link to be edited. Open the Anchor List you would like to link from.
    The page opens and shows editing options.
  2. Click the Edit Link Properties dot.
    The Edit Link Element window appears.
  3. Click the Reference Page option.
    The search window appears.
  4. Enter the search criteria for the page you wish to link to, and then click the Start button.
    A window showing all of the matches appears.
  5. Use the Preview link to find the content you would like to include. Once you have found the correct page, click the name of the page to which you would like the link to point. The link is set to point to this page.