About Web Press

What is Web Press?

Web Press is a web content management system offered to units in the Missouri State system.

  • It allows the content providers, authors, and editors to focus on content and not the technical details.
  • It is funded through a Title III grant; the Web Press component began in October 2004.
  • Unfortunately, course-related and personal web pages will not utilize Web Press.

Benefits of Web Press

  • Web Press provides a user-friendly way to enter and update content, eliminating the burdening technical skills previously required to edit web sites.
  • Web Press is a staged solution, which means you can edit your site in a protected location before publishing the changes for everyone to see. Built-in workflow features also provide an approval process for content changes, if needed.
  • All pages published by Web Press will be in the new design template, ensuring your site is accessible and usable by computers, handhelds and other devices. Additionally, all future updates to the template will be automatically applied to your pages.
  • The tool is web-based and not dependent on software like FrontPage or Dreamweaver, which allows easy out-of-office updating of content.
  • Web Press offers expanded features like scheduled publishing, expiration of web pages and content sharing between University units.

Who can use Web Press

The system can be used by any Springfield, West Plains or Mountain Grove department, office or student organization. Request a Web Press site to get started.

The system is not available for use by personal or course web sites. Course web developers needing the functionality of Web Press are encouraged to use Blackboard, the University’s course management system.