YouTube Playlist Block

YouTube Playlist Blocks display multiple YouTube videos. Follow the instructions below to add a YouTube Playlist Block.


Below is an example of how a YouTube Playlist Block will render on your web site.

For information on how to use YouTube, please read our YouTube Support page to learn how to obtain, convert, and submit your own videos to YouTube.

Follow this link to add a YouTube video to your web page.

Adding a YouTube Playlist

  1. Use Web Press to navigate to the page you would like to add the video to.
  2. Open the Row Page.
  3. Under the content of the foundation page, select the Red Dot labeled Edit Column Contents.
    A new window will appear.
  4. Select Create and Connect Page.
  5. Select Media under the Content Class Groups.
  6. Choose YouTube Video Playlist Under the List of Content Classes heading.
  7. Web Press will prompt you to Enter the headline. Click OK.
    This headline will not appear outside of Web Press.
  8. Select the red dot labeled Edit YouTube Playlist Properties.
  9. In the new window you will see the different options for your Video. The only one required is the Playlist ID or channel name field.
    If you are entering a channel name, select Channel from the VideoSource dropdown.
  10. To get the bit of the url that it requires go to the video on and copy and paste everything betweenthe list=PL and &feature= in the url.
    For Instance if the url of the playlist on YouTube was you would copy F03790F13843ED0F and paste it into the Playlist ID or channel name field.
  11. Select OK and the playlist will appear on your page.

To embed a video from YouTube on your University website, please consider the source and copyright of the video, as well as whether it is available to be properly embedded on your website. Please review Missouri State's Copyright Policy for more information.

Editing YouTube Playlist properties

This section will help you edit the YouTube Video Properties in Web Press by explaining the effect of each field.

  • The Headline field only effects Internal Use in Web Press.
  • The Playlist ID or channel name field lets you determine which video plays.
  • The LeftArrowSrc and RightArrowSrc fields allow you to change the image for going left and right through the playlist.
  • the Player Size field allows you to adjust the size of the video player.