Using Row Styles


Shaded row style

Used for highlighting content on a page.

Section divider row style

Used for seperating sections of content on a page.

Bordered row style

Used for emphasizing content on a page.

Available styles

Section dividers
Add a light-gray seperator bar, spanning across each column of the selected Row Block.

Shaded (single column only)
Add a light-gray background to the selected Row Block.

Bordered (single column only)
Add a light-gray border around the selected Row Block.

Best practices

  • Refer to the Best Practices for Mobile-Friendly Websites.

Editing row styles

  1. Open the Row Block that you want to edit.
  2. Select the row style you want to edit:
    • Section dividers
      Select Yes to add the section divider style.
    • Shaded or bordered content
      Select Bordered to add the border style or select Shaded to add the shaded style.