Using Row Styles

When creating course information links in Web Press you can provide additional information that will trigger an automatic popup window containing the course description, thereby eliminating the need to actually follow the link to determine the course description.

  1. Open the page for editing in Web Press.
  2. Highlight the course code and number (or just course number), and then click the Insert Link icon on the toolbar.
  3. Enter full address to department catalog page in the Link URL field.
  4. In the Title field enter the course code and course number. Ex: SOC150 or SOC 150
    Note: If nothing is entered in the Title field the course lookup will use the linked text, which will fail if the link text contains only the course number (or more than the course code and number).
  5. Click on the Advanced tab; in the Classes field enter: CourseInfo (no spaces; capitalization is important).
  6. Click the Insert button.

Repeat steps 2 through 6 for each course number or course code and number you want to display in the course information popup window.

The three fields you will be editing inside the Insert/Edit Link window are circled below.

Making course information links step one

Making course information links step two


At this time course information links are available only on catalog pages.

Future plans include automated creation of course information links on graduation plan pages as well as automated completion of the Link URL field.