Uploading an Asset

Before you begin, make sure that there are no SPACES or PARENTHESES in your media's filename. These can make connections into broken links through Web Press. You can replace these with underscores ("_") to make reading easier if you wish.

  1. Once you are logged into Web Press, Click the Asset Manager tab located in the top menu bar.
    Menu bar
    A list of graphic file thumbnails appears. You may use any of these images.
  2. To reach your personal Assets folder, click Switch Folder in the top navigation.
    A list of folders appears.
  3. Select the folder that matches your site.
    Thumbnails of the files in your personal Assets folder appear. If no files are listed, then your Assets folder is empty.
    • You can only upload files to your departmental folder. You can select assets from other departmental folders, but you cannot edit or change the properties of these images.

Upload new images to your personal Assets folder

  1. click Select asset from local file system, located below the top navigation.
    The Transfer Local File screen appears
    .Links in Asset Manager
    • Tip: The maximum image width for photos is 220 pixels in a single width column, 460 pixels in a double width column and 700 pixels for a triple width column. Resize images before uploading to your asset folder.
  2. Click the browse icon.
    The local file system appears.
  3. Navigate to your file and select it. Click Open. Click OK.
    The Attributes dialog box appears requesting a caption.
  4. Type in a short description of the functional content of your selected image. (e.g. “Accounting Club Logo”). Click OK.
    • Note: The caption acts as an alt tag that helps provide equal access to people using assistive technologies. Missouri State University strives to make all official University web pages, including University unit content, ultimately accessible to all users. For details, see: http://wact.missouristate.edu/Checkpoints/default.htm
  5. Your file is now uploaded to the Asset Manager.

Upload Error

Upload Error

The file in the above image resulted in an error because the file had parentheses in the file name (the red box does not show up on the error).

To fix this error, check the files name for any special characters. Web Press only allows A-Z , 0-9, dashes, underscores, and periods in the file name.