Adding a Spotlight to Your Page

A Spotlight is a page that shows information about a student, faculty member, or alumni (along with other options) from Missouri State University within a certain department or organization. Follow the instructions below to add a Spotlight to your website. 

  1. Open the Foundation Page and click on the Edit List of Content Pages dot.
  2. Click the Create and Connect Page link.
  3. Select Ad On Pages in the top portion. Click on Spotlight in the bottom portion of the page.
  4. Enter a headline. The headline is not going to be visible on the live site. It will only be used for searching purposes. Click OK.
    You will be redirected back to the open Spotlight page in Web Press.
  5. Click on the Edit Spotlight Types dot.
  6. Select the appropriate spotlight types (alumni, students, etc.) and the correct sponsors from the drop down menu
  7. Then click the Submit Criteria button.
  8. Make sure the filename ends in .asp and publish the foundation page.
    1. open the Foundation Page
    2. Right Click on the page and select Edit Properties in the popup menu.
    3. Enter a File name  ending with .asp   (example: alumni.asp)
  9. Submit and release the page.

Note: If the page has already been published, you will need to check and make sure you are viewing the .asp page instead of the old .htm page. You may need to manually type in the URL.

For example, at the end of the following example, the original page is and the new page is The URL is changed manually in the video.

Alternate Video Link