Spotlight Block

A Spotlight is a page that shows information about a student, faculty member, or alumni (along with other options) from Missouri State University within a certain department or organization.


Below is a sample of how the Spotlight Block would render on your Web page.


Loading Spotlight. . .

Best practices

  • Make it relevant to the page.
  • Use the spotlight pull that is tagged appropriately to the page where it will appear.
  • Filter to your audience as much as possible based on available spotlight content.
  • Strive to use no more than one spotlight block per page.
  • Consider filter type (student vs. faculty) when strategically placing spotlights.

Add a Spotlight Block

  1. Click the dot for Open Row.
    More dots appear.
  2. Click the dot for Edit column contents.
    The Edit Link Elements window opens.
  3. Click the Create and Connect Page link.
  4. Select Specialized Content in the top portion. Click on Spotlight Block in the bottom portion of the page.
  5. Enter a headline. The headline is not going to be visible on the live site. It will only be used for searching purposes. Click OK.
    You will be redirected back to the open Spotlight page in Web Press.
  6. Click on the Edit spotlight properties dot.
  7. Select the appropriate campus (Springfield or West Plains)
  8. Select the appropriate spotlight types (alumni, students, etc.) and the correct sponsors from the drop down menu
  9. Then click the Submit Criteria button.
  10. Submit and release the page.