Site-Specific Search Block

A site-specific search will only search through a specified website. This allows University units to have visitors get search results only from their websites, rather than from the entire Missouri State system.

  1. Open the Column Page of the website where you would like to include a Site-Specific Search box.
    The page opens and displays additional options.
  2. To add a Site-Specific Search to the page, click the Edit Column Contents dot.
    A window opens displaying choices.
  3. Click the Create and Connect Page option.
    A list of Content Class Groups appears.
  4. Under the Specialized Content category select Site-Specific Search. Enter a headline for the Search box.
    Site-specific searchSite-specific Search
  5. Click the Edit Search Settings Via Form dot.
    Edit Search Settings Via Form
    The edit form appears.
  6. Enter text for the Search xxxx. This will appear next to the search box to let users know where they are searching.
  7. Enter the Full Web Address of the website to be searched. This folder and its subfolders will be searched when visitors use the search box.
    site specific search