Scholarship Block

Use a Scholarship Block to display information about departmental and foundation scholarships.


Below is a sample of how the Scholarship Block would render on your Web page. The shaded block scales to fill the column width.

Best Practices

  • Filter to your website.
  • Update and review the departmental scholarship criteria annually.
  • Consult with the Missouri State Foundation for other updates.
  • Consider using with rich text blocks or action block to share related resources.

Add a Scholarship Block

  1. Click the dot for Open Row.
    New dot options appear.
  2. Click the dot for Edit column contents.
    The Edit Link Element window appears.
  3. Select Create and Connect Page.
    The List of Content Class Groups will appear.
  4. Select Specialized Content above, then select Scholarship Block below.
    The Edit Headline window appears.
  5. Enter a headline for the Scholarship Block and select OK. (This headline will not appear outside of Web Press.)
    The window will close and a new Scholarship Block will appear on your Web page.

Add your department's scholarship information to your site

  1. Click the dot for Open Scholarship List Page.
  2. Click the dot for Add scholarship page.
    The page will reload with the new page added.
  3. Click the dot for Open Scholarship Information Page.
  4. Select a sponsor from the dropdown and click Add sponsor.
  5. Click the dot for Edit content via form.
  6. Enter the Elements and click Ok.

If you do not have a scholarship list page on your site and feel this is an error, please contact the Web Help Desk.