Rich Text Block

Use a Rich Text Block to add and format your website content, including text, links and images.


Brick BearWeb policies and guidelines

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Benefits of Web Press

  • Web Press provides a user-friendly way to enter and update content, eliminating the burdening technical skills previously required to edit Web sites.
  • Web Press is a staged solution, which means you can edit your site in a protected location before publishing the changes for everyone to see. Built-in workflow features also provide an approval process for content changes, if needed.

Available elements

Opens a rich text editor to edit text and images.

Gives the Rich Text Block a specific styling depending on the input classname (Notice, Intro, TwoColumns, ThreeColumns).

Best practices

  • Follow the page layout best practices.
  • Use headings to break up text.
  • Use inline links to provide contextual access to other content.
  • Always check the accessibility of your content.
  • Commonly combines with other blocks (feature blocks, call-to-action blocks) to convey content.
  • Consider that this is the main source of searchable content for your website.

Creating a rich text block

  1. Open the Row Block where you want to create the Rich Text Block.
  2. Select Edit column contents of the desired column.
  3. Select Create and Connect Page on the pop-up window.

    Edit link element options
  4. Select Rich Text Block from the List of Content Classes box below the Content Class Groups box.

    Basic content options
  5. Select OK when the Edit Properties box appears.

Editing a rich text block

  1. Open the Rich Text Block you want to edit.
  2. Select Edit content to edit the body text and images.
  3. Review the accessibility of your content using the Accessibility Checker.toolbar icon to check content accessibility
  4. Complete any optional elements:
    1. Select Assign CSS class to give the Rich Text Block a custom styling.