Navigation Block

Use a Navigation Block to create and manage a set of links to other Web pages.


On the left side of this Web page are some samples of how the Navigation Block would render on your Web Page.

Best practices

  • Provide a descriptive heading.
  • Strive for seven or fewer links per block.
  • Strive for short link names (four or fewer words) that match the destination Web page title.
  • May be used as a connection point for Web pages when another navigation connection is not available.

Creating/editing a navigation block

  1. Open your home Web Page.
  2. Click the dot for Edit navigation for this page.
    The Edit Link Element window appears
  3. Select the Create and Connect Page option.
  4. It will now ask for a Headline. This is only used for searching purposes and will not be visible to visitors on your site. Write down the number located in this field, and proceed by adding an appropriate name for this navigation block (Ex. "Slideshow How-to - navigation block 1234") and click Ok.
  5. Add new links and create/connect pages as you would for a regular navigation list.

For further help on adding/editing links to a navigation list see Add More Navigation Links

To make your navigation block appear on other pages

  1. In Web Press, navigate to the page where you would like your navigation block to appear. Open the Web Page and select Edit Navigation for this page.
  2. Select Connect to Existing Page.
  3. Click the green "+" next to where it says "Page ID'. For the Value, enter the page ID* of the navigation block found in step 5 when you created the navigation block and click Start. Select the name of the navigation block and it will then be added to your page.

*if you have lost or do not have the ID of the navigation block, go to the page it was created on and click to open/edit it, and the page id will appear at the top of the page