Flickr Photo Slider Block


Available elements

The Flickr account name that the photoset/album is being pulled from.

The ID number of the photoset/album being pulled.

Best pratices

  • Refer to the Best Practices for Mobile-Friendly Websites.

Creating a flickr photo slider block

  1. Open the Row Block where you want to create the Flickr Photo Slider Block.
  2. Select Edit column contents of the desired column.
  3. Select Create and Connect Page on the pop-up window.

    Edit link element options
  4. Select Media from the Content Class Groups box.

    Content class groups
  5. Select Flickr Photo Slider Block from the List of Content Classes box below the Content Class Groups box.

    Media content classes
  6. Select OK when the Edit Properties box appears.

Editing a flickr photo slider block

  1. Open the Flickr Photo Slider Block you want to edit.
  2. Select Edit properties to edit the photoset/album you want to pull in.
  3. Type/paste the desired flicker account name in the Flickr user ID field.
  4. Type/paste the desired photoset/album ID number in the Flickr photo set ID field.

    Edit form for flickr photo slider block

Obtaining a flickr user id and photo set id

  • You can obtain both the Flickr user ID and Flickr photo set ID by using the URL in your web browser when you visit the web page of the ablum you wish to connect.
  • The Flickr user ID is the portion between "/photos/" and "/sets/" in the URL.
  • The Flick photo set ID is the portion after "/sets/" in the URL.

    Flickr url example