Feature Block

Use a Feature Block to highlight a particular Web page, collection of pages or specific content.


Available elements

Layout (optional)
Changes the Feature Block into an appropriate layout based on the selected layout. Default setting is vertical.

Link (optional)
Turns the Image and Headline into a link to the set URL.

Image (optional)
Adds the selected image from the Asset Manager either above or to the left of the Headline depending on the Layout.

Sets the title for the Feature Block. Becomes a link if Link is set.

Description (optional)
Adds the input text below the Headline.

Best practices

  • Crop images to 700x394 pixels before they are uploaded to the Asset Manager. This size ensures the image is crisp on all mobile devices and works with all column widths. 
  • Headlines should be six words or less.
  • Description should be about 140 characters.
  • Strive to include no more than six Feature Blocks on a Web page.
  • Use to link to landing pages and to develop sections within landing pages.
  • Do not use text overlays on images.
  • When you need more flexibility, use a Rich Text Block instead.
  • Use a heading that describes the link destination.
  • Complement with rich text blocks that contextualize a row of Feature Blocks and provide marketing messaging.
  • Within a row, either use an image for all Feature Blocks or don’t use an image for any Feature Blocks.

Creating a feature block

  1. Open the Row Block where you want to create the Feature Block.
  2. Select Edit column contents of the desired column.
  3. Select Create and Connect Page on the pop-up window.

    Edit link element options
  4. Select Feature Block from the List of Content Classes box below the Content Class Groups box.

    Basic content options
  5. Select OK when the Edit Properties box appears.

Editing a feature block

  1. Open the Feature Block you want to edit.
  2. Select Headline to edit the heading text.
  3. Complete any optional elements:
    1. Select Description to edit the description text.
    2. Select Image to edit the image (refer to the Mobile-Friendly Guidelines).
    3. Select Link to edit the link.