Email Form Block

Create an email form:

  1. Open the Column Page of the website where you would like to include the email form.
    The Web Page opens and displays additional options.
  2. On your Web Page, click the Edit Column Content.
    The Edit Link Element page opens.
  3. On the Edit Link Element page, click Create and Connect Page.
    The list of Content Class Groups appears.
  4. Under Content Class Groups in th top panel,click Forms.
    The List of Content Classes in the bottom panel expands.
  5. Under List of Content Classes, click Email Form.
    The Edit Headline window appears.
  6. Type in a headline. This headline is hidden from browsers and used to search and organize your site within Web Press. Click OK.
    The Email Form is highlighted in blue on your page and opened.

Add fields to your form:

  1. Click the Edit Form Properties dot.
    The Edit Elements via Form page opens.
  2. Under Edit Elements via Form, in the Send to (recipient) area, type in the email address where the form will be directed. In the Subject area, type in a permanent subject line to identify the emailed forms. Click OK
  3. On the Email Form page, click the Edit List of Form Field Pages dot.
    The Edit Link Element window appears.
  4. In the Edit Link Element window, click the Create and Connect Page link.
    The Content Class Groups appear.
  5. Make sure Forms is selected in the Content Class Group window.
  6. From the List of Content Classes, select the type of field you'd like to add to your form: radio buttons, text box (short answers), text area (longer answers), or check boxes.
    The Edit Headline window appears asking for a label for your field.
  7. In the Edit Headline window, type the label for your form field (which will show on your web page), and click OK.
    The field is added to your form.

Repeat steps 3-7 in this section until you have added all the fields in your email form.


Rearrange the layout of your email form:

  1. Open your Email Form Page and click the Edit List of Form Field Pages dot.
    The Edit Link Element page opens.
  2. On the Edit Link Element page, clickEdit Page Order.
    The Edit Page Order screen opens.
  3. Use the blue arrows on the left side to rearrange the layout of your fields. When done, click OK.
    Your reorganized form appears, highlighted in blue. When done, click the Close Page dot.

Publish form:

When your form is complete, you must submit it to workflow and release it. This will publish the file to your website, where it will be ready for your site's visitors to use.