Create/Edit a Web Page

Every foundation page on your web site needs to be connected to the left navigation bar or an anchor list page. When it is connected to a navigation bar or anchor list, it can be referenced from many other places.

Create a New Foundation Page

  1. Click the Edit Link Properties dot next to the empty link you would like to connect to a new page. The Edit Link Element window appears.
  2. Enter a name you would like to appear in the navigation bar in the Link Name box then click the Create and Connect Page option. The list of content class groups appears.
  3. Click the content class, or page layout style, you would like to use for your new page. The Edit Headline window appears.
  4. Enter a headline for the new page, which will appear as the main heading on the new page. If possible, name the headline the same as the link name from step two above. Click the OK button. The web page displays the new link, which can be used to access and edit the new page.