Create/Edit Links

Create/Edit link in Rich Text Block

  1. Open the Rich Text Block you where you want to create/edit a link.
  2. Select an active link or highlight the text you want to turn into the link and select the Link icon Rich text editor image icon from the Rich Text Editor options.

    Rich text editor options
  3. Change the Link Type drop-down to the type of link you want to set.
    1. Page from Management Server
      Link to another Missouri State Web Press webpage (recommended for linking to any Missouri State webpage)

      Select Page Search and select the desired webpage.

      Page from Management Server link type options
    2. Asset from Management Server
      Link to an asset from the Asset Manager for viewing and downloading.

      Select Browser Server and select the desired asset.
    3. URL
      Any live website URL.

      Paste/type the intended web address in the available URL textbox.
    4. Jump mark in the text
      Link to any preset jump mark created on the current webpage.

      Select the desired jump link from the ones listed (must be preset).
    5. Email
      Create an link to prompt the user to send an email to the specified email address.

      Type in the intended email address and any additional email prompt information.
  4. Set any optional settings.
    1. Set the Additional link attribute drop-down to Button if you want the linke styled as a button.
  5. Once the link has been set select OK.

Below is an example button. Clicking it will return you to the How To pages.

Add a Call to Action Block - Web Page Link

  1. Click the dot for Open Row.
    New dot options appear.
  2. Click the dot for Edit column contents.
    The Edit Link Element window appears.
  3. In the popup screen that appears click the Create and Connect Page option.  Select Navigation from the Content Class Groups above, then select Action Block - Web Page Link below.
  4. Enter a Headline for the page. This headline will not be visible on the live site.
  5. Click the dot for Edit Web page link properties. 
    A new window appears.
  6. In the Link name field, enter the text that will appear on the action block.
  7. You may choose from several linking options:
    1. Create and Connect a new page
    2. Reference or connect an existing Web Press page
    3. Assign a URL

The example action block below will take you to the how to instruction for making a link to a file.