Create/Edit a Content Block

Content Pages allow a site to have more content on the site other than what is offered in the Freeform Content on the Foundation Page. Content Pages have many page types, including: Freeform Contents, Slideshows, Redefines, etc.

  1. Click the dot for Open Row where you would like to include new Web Press page content. Example dot labels include Edit Additional Navigation Lists and Edit List of Content Pages. The Edit Link Element window appears.
  2. Click the Create and Connect Page option. The List of Content Class Groups appears.
  3. Click the content class, or page style, you would like to use for your new page. The Edit Headline window appears.
  4. Enter a headline for the new page. The headline does not display on the web page, and it should begin with unit name and end with the page name, e.g. Web Strategy and Development Introduction - Content. Click the OK button.