Change Web Page Filename

The file name of your webpage is what shows up at the end of your page's URL. For example, the file name for this page is ChangeFileName.htm. If you do not change the file name of your page it will appear in the URL as your page's ID number. Follow these steps to change the published file name:

  1. Open the Web Page of the web page you want to edit.
  2. Right click on the page.
    The following menu appears:
    Right click menu
  3. Click on Edit Properties.
    The Properties window appears.
  4. Type the new file name with extension (e.g., mypage, mypage.htm, or mypage.asp). Click OK.
    Enter only the desired file name and extension; Web Press will add the domain (e.g., and website (/admissions/).
  5. After changing the file name the page and any pages linking to it need to be published.
    This can be done by either submitting and releasing the page, or by using the publish option in the right click menu.