Calendar Feed Block

Use a Calendar Feed Block to display information about events at Missouri State.


Below is a sample of how the Calendar Feed Block would render on your Web page. The feed scales to fill the column width.

Example Feed Heading

Loading Calendar. . .

Best Practices

  • Set the option that filters the feed to your website.

  • Use the expanded view when you need the description to provide contextualization.

  • Use the condensed view when you have a lot of events. This view is typically optimal for mobile devices.

  • Use short titles for your events that describe the event.

Add a Calendar Feed Block

  1. Use Web Press to navigate to the applicable page and open the Row where you'd like to place a Calendar Feed.
  2. Select the red dot labeled Edit column contents.
    The Edit Link Element window appears.
  3. Select Create and Connect Page.
    The Content Class Groups (above) and the List of Content Classes (below) appear.
  4. Choose the Feeds folder from the content class groups’ box.
    The contents of the List of Content Classes changes.
  5. Select the Calendar Feed Block option, wait for the Edit Headline window to load, and hit OK in the bottom right of the window.

Required settings for a departmental or organization calendar feed

  1. Select the red dot labeled Open Calendar Feed Block.

  2. Select the red dot labeled Edit content via form. The Edit Elements via Form window opens.

  3. Label your calendar feed on your site by using the Heading to be displayed over calendar feed box.

  4. Filter your calendar feed to show only your site's events by creating an iCal URL and copying it to the URL of Missouri State calendar feed box.

  5. Select OK in the bottom right of the window. The window closes and you are brought back to the main editing window.

Customizing a calendar feed

  1. You can further customize your calendar feed by putting a value into Number of items to be displayed field.

  2. You can choose whether to Display description of event by selecting yes or no in the dropdown field. Note: This will elongate your calendar feed considerably.