Website Skins

Frequently asked questions

What are website skins?

A website skin is a color and photo theme applied to your entire website. It includes a large photo for your home page masthead and a smaller photo for all subpage mastheads. It allows you to easily change the look of your website without your editors having to use cascading style sheets and other technically challenging methods.

Do I have to use a website skin on my website?

No. The use of a website skin on your website is completely up to the website supervisor.

How do I use a website skin on my website?

On your website's home page choose the Open Foundation Page dot. Scroll up. Choose the "Edit website skin" dot. A popup window will appear containing all available options. Select the desired option; the popup window will close and you will return to your opened foundation page. Choose the "Publish website" dot. This will publish your entire website with the selected website skin.

Why doesn't my home page have the option to choose a website skin?

Website skins are only available to websites in the new university web template. All Web Press websites are systematically being converted to the new template in spring and early summer 2011. You can expedite the conversion process by completing the Request New Template form.

My website is already in the new university template. Why doesn't my home page have the option to choose a website skin?

Websites that have a custom unit masthead or utilize custom cascading style sheets (CSS) are not eligible to utilize website skins.

Are these skins my only website skin options?

Twenty-eight website skins are initially available. Additional skins will continue to be added to the list. See below for custom masthead options.

Can I mix and match the photographs and colors?

No. Each photograph is selected to match the paired color style.

Can I use my photograph with a website skin?

Not at this time. See below for custom masthead options.

Can I request a website skin with a particular photo and color combination?

No. A few new skins will be sporadically created throughout the year. We welcome suggestions. Also, see below for custom masthead options.

I like a website skin that has the photograph on the right (left) but I would prefer that photograph on the left (right). Can I switch the layout?

No. Each color theme has at least one option for each side.

Can I remove my website skin?

Yes. From the "Edit website skin" interface choose the "None Default" option.

Are there any other custom masthead options available?

Yes. The office of web and new media offers custom masthead design, coding and implementation service for $300. Turnaround time is typically 2-4 weeks but is dependent upon current project priorities and client availability.

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