Add a Flickr Slideshow

This feature requires a Flickr account. See the Flickr account FAQ page for information on available account types.

Your Flickr photoset id  can be found in the url by clicking on the photoset after you've logged into Flickr.

Flickr photoset id

  1. Open the Foundation Page of the web site that you want to edit.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Edit List of Content Pages.
    The Edit Link Element page opens.
  3. On the Edit Link Element page, click Create and Connect Page.
    The Content Class Groups page opens.
  4. On the top portion of the screen, click the General Pages group.
  5. On the bottom portion of the screen, click Flickr Slideshow. Enter a headline and click OK.
  6. Enter a headline (this is hidden and used for search purposes only) and click OK.
  7. Click the red dot next to Edit Flickr Slideshow Settings Via Form
  8. Enter the requested parameters.
    1. Flickr Set Number is optional. If no set number is provided the slideshow will show all your public images.
    2. Flickr User Id (See instructions on the right).

Find your Flickr User Id

  1. In a new tab/browser window go to
  2. Enter the address of your account in the address field.
  3. Click Find.
  4. Copy the number next to id.
    This is your Flickr User Id.